Saturday, February 20, 2010

Quito - 2.2010

I had a few days to explore the capital city of Quito before heading out for the race and before beginning with Project PESQAR. The city is one of about 1,300,000 people that sits in the cradle of a Andean valley at 2,800 meters. The main attraction in Quito is it´s old colonial center. The city was one of UNESCO´s 2 original World Heritage sites. The center is filled with cathedrals, cobble stone streets, and colonial architecture. There is a great wealth of Catholic cathedrals due to the fact that those who came to Quito from Europe during the plague were healed from the disease. The European churches began to build as fast as they could, believing that a holy miracle was occuring in Quito relative to the plague. It was later discovered that Quito´s high altitude was the right medicine. Click to view Quito´s wiki page.


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